It’s great to be back open!

Due to COVID-19, we have some strict procedures in place to minimise any impact. [expand title=”Click here to read about our preventative procedures.”]

Our current New Procedures:

Before every appointment, you will be triaged to check for suitability and safety of a face-to-face treatment.

Currently we are unable to treat anyone with face-to-face treatment who has been advised to Shield under government guidelines.

Obviously anyone with active COVID-19 symptoms (temperature, a new persistent dry cough, Shortness of breath, unusual fatigue and/or loss of sense of taste/smell).

Those who have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms within the last 2 weeks.

Despite our best efforts with PPE and changing clinic procedures, please consider whether a Video Telehealth Consultation might be more appropriate in the first instance

Practice Procedures

1/ Please wear a mask or suitable face covering.

2/ Please do not enter the practice until 5mins before your designated treatment time in order to wash your hands.

3/ Please be punctual and ready to start treatment at the allotted time. This is vital otherwise we will be unable to see you – we have to have mandatory cleaning and aeration time between appointments.

4/ Only one person to be in the practice at a time unless accompanying a minor or vulnerable adult.

5/ Please ask anybody else to wait in the car.

6/ Treatment time must be strictly limited to 20 mins with progress updates returned prior to treatment and recommendations (exercises etc.) emailed after your appointment.

7/ Please wear appropriate clothing that allows us to assess you without removing anything.

8/ Please make payment via BACs Bank Transfer if at all possible – Cheques are also acceptable.

9/ Please bear with us as we navigate our way around this new way of working. It will get easier for all of us (I hope!!)