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We are now building partnerships with other practitioners and providers around the world to bring you some of the best options available on the internet. Click a link below to find out more.

Afferent Input Seminar

Starting Monday 20th April, Simon King will be with you as you watch a recorded version of his live seminar on Afferent Input and muscle testing. Each day the seminar will play from 10am – 11am with 30 minutes afterwards for questions and workshopping if possible. All of the sessions will be recorded so you can come back and go over them at your leisure if you can’t make them live or stay through the whole session.

How to Find and Fix Muscle Inhibition

Would you like to learn How to Find and Fix Muscle Inhibition? It’s just a matter of testing the right muscles in the right way. This short video will show you how to test for strength and it shows you 15 new tests for the hip and knee. You will never find what you don’t look for.

Livestream membership

Free Webinar and Livestream – SIMON KING teaches Muscle Testing. Testimonials include “The most logical and rational approach to muscle testing, diagnosis and patient betterment that I have read, listened to or practiced.”

Melbourne Seminar 2020

Learn how to assess and control MUSCLE TONE to give you better options for patient treatment. No longer will you have to guess about which exercises or which treatments can strengthen or loosen muscles. You will learn to have complete control over muscle inhibition and hypertonicity.

The Spine

This 14 module video course is in bite-sized no-nonsense pieces. In 3 hours of highly concentrated practical video instruction, you get 30 years’ worth of valuable knowledge and skills (and 3 CPD hours). Formal instruction and demonstration are interwoven with actual patient videos so you can see the techniques in practice.

The Canni Family CBD products

Offering a range of CBD products and more. Winners of the ‘CBD Product Supplier of the Year 2020’ from both Global Health and Pharma and Corporate Livewire.

Phoebe Hart Yoga

Phoebe is qualified yoga instructor. She has taught in the UK, Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand and is now operating online classes through Zoom. Her classes focus on finding correct alignment in the individual’s body, working with the breath, and bringing harmony and flow to movement and mind.