To maintain healthy adrenal glands and minimise the chance of injury it is important to build a strong aerobic base. This will increase oxygenation to the muscles and in turn decrease adrenal (stress) hyper function.

Aerobic exercise will burn fat as a fuel. Anaerobic exercise will burn sugar (carbohydrates) as a fuel.

In order to encourage an aerobic base it is important to consume the correct food which entails avoiding all refined carbohydrates (white bread, flour, pasta, cakes, biscuits etc) and make sure you have a plentiful supply of healthy fats – coconut oil, avocados, nuts / seeds and fish for example. To build an aerobic base first purchase a heart rate monitor – nothing fancy or expensive just a chest strap with a wrist watch which will give you immediate bio feedback as to what your heart rate is doing.

You then need to work out your Maximum Heart Rate using the following equation:

180 – Age – 5

For example, a 40 yr old person will have a maximum heart rate of 135bpm (180-40-5=135) . This will give you your Maximum heart rate and you should not exceed this figure when exercising. Take 5-10mins to build up to your maximum heart rate then maintain it there for 20-30mins before cooling down for 5-10mins. This works for any exercise but walking is an ideal way to start – it may seem that you reach this heart rate very quickly and that it doesn’t seem to be any effort – that is normal but as you improve your aerobic base then you will have to work harder to get your heart rate up!