How to make your very own Apple Cider Vinegar

How to make your very own Apple Cider Vinegar Get all of your apple ‘scraps’ into a bowl or jar – the cores and peels. Cover to avoid flies and debris. Leave the scraps to air and turn brown. Add water (Leave space to add more scraps over the next few days). Cover and place … Read more

Antioxidant foods

Looking for a useful list of antioxidant foods? Here are some the best options for high antioxidant foods Dark Chocolate! (limit your intake of this if you are off caffeine and sugar) Nuts – Especially Pecans Dark Green Vegetables – Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce Artichokes Goji Berries (limit if also avoiding Nightshades) Kale Red … Read more

Turmeric milk recipe

Here’s a simple turmeric milk recipe that you can easily make at home! This has many potential benefits for all conditions, it is highly anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, can be useful for joint pains, neurological disorders, skin conditions, digestive problems, high blood pressure, memory, cholesterol problems…. Step 1 – Make the paste 1/4 cup of … Read more

Strategies for better sleep

Are you looking for strategies for better sleep? Here are 18 useful tips to make sure you get a restful night of sleep, as well as some vitamins and herbs. Sleep schedule should be the same 7 days a week – bed at the same time, arise at the same time – it’s routine which … Read more

How to Alkalise your body

All the body tissues have a slightly acid / alkali balance. Stress, poor diet and toxicity can all negatively impact that balance. If we are too acidic then the body will mobilise alkalising minerals from surrounding tissues (for example calcium from bone) which is obviously not a good long term solution. Bicarbonate baths can be … Read more

Alpha Wave exercise

The brain needs to produce alpha waves to enable relaxation and the ability to self heal. This is a fairly straightforward daily procedure which can reap huge dividends! Sit comfortably relaxed in a slightly inclined position. Rest hands over your abdomen Close your eyes. Deep breathe (from the diaphragm (underneath your hands)) take 7 seconds … Read more

How to build an aerobic base

To maintain healthy adrenal glands and minimise the chance of injury it is important to build a strong aerobic base. This will increase oxygenation to the muscles and in turn decrease adrenal (stress) hyper function. Aerobic exercise will burn fat as a fuel. Anaerobic exercise will burn sugar (carbohydrates) as a fuel. In order to … Read more