All the body tissues have a slightly acid / alkali balance. Stress, poor diet and toxicity can all negatively impact that balance. If we are too acidic then the body will mobilise alkalising minerals from surrounding tissues (for example calcium from bone) which is obviously not a good long term solution.

Bicarbonate baths can be helpful – soak in a bath with a small handful of sodium bicarbonate or Epsom salts for 20mins once or twice a week.

Drink warm water with half a squeezed lemon or lime every morning before breakfast.

The following foods are all very alkalising (you can download this table using the link at the bottom of the page):

Almonds Oats Grapefruit
Asparagus Oily fish Green tea
Avocado Pearl barley JalapeƱo
Beetroot Peas Kale
Broccoli Quinoa Leafy green vegetables
Courgette Spelt Leeks
Cucumber Spinach Lemons
Garlic Tomatoes Lentils

Minimise caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, grains, red meats, fizzy drinks, dairy.